‘Peter Parker, Spider-Man: Trials and Tribulations’ Graphic Novel Review

Marvel Comics released volume four of ‘Peter Parker, Spider-Man: Trials and Tribulations’ in 2003. It continues writer Paul Jenkins’ run with Spidey with Mark Buckingham handling the artwork this time around.

Now that Aunt May knows that Peter Parker is Spider-Man, the two are trying to reconcile their relationship with this looming over them. In the meantime, Spider-Man is battling the Vulture in the middle of winter. He encounters a mysterious woman who wants to take down a corporation that poisoned her village in Malpura. Flash Thompson is still in a coma after being attacked by the Green Goblin. Not to mention, Hammerhead is trying to shore up power by pitting the various gangs against each other. With all of this on Spider-Man’s plate, can he open up to Aunt May and share some of the darker aspects of life as a New York City hero?

The artwork has been sort of hit and miss with this series, but this time, I feel like it really hit its stride. It brings Spidey to life and shows off his powers in a unique way. I think that it helped capture the vibe of the story arcs, especially with Aunt May.

I miss comic books like this. The stories were not bogged down in a bunch of political talking points or so simple a toddler could write them. These explored the human side of Spider-Man and how being a hero affects him along with his loved ones. I wish Marvel would return to this style and not shove fan fiction shipping every few issues.

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