‘Destiny Volume 1’ Comic Collection Review

Produced by the video game developer Bungie comes the 2019 graphic novel ‘Destiny Volume 1.’ It features a series of side stories based on the hit massively multiplayer online game Destiny and Destiny 2. The comic books feature some fan favorite characters and their origins.

In part one, Osiris warns of a coming Vex invasion, but his “prophecies” bring him in conflict with the Speaker, who calls him a blasphemer to the Traveller. Things come to a head when Ikora is caught in the middle. Ahead of the Red War, Anna Bray heads to Mars to discover the secrets of the Warmind and her family, despite warnings from Zavalla. Finally, Cayde-6 brings a motley crew to the Tangled Shore to capture some Scorn Barons.

As a fan of Destiny 2, I enjoyed this comic book a great deal. I thought it offered some cool insights into the events leading up to certain story arcs in the game. The artwork was excellent in each issue.

It was cool seeing how Osiris fell out with the Vanguard and considering his fate in the game recently, it makes you wonder if it was worth it. I was not too much into Anna Bray’s story. She is one of my favorite characters, but I felt the comic somewhat rushed her origins instead of fleshing them out. As for Cayde-6, I loved that part. He is one of the coolest characters in the game and I was sad when he was tragically killed in “The Forsaken” DLC.

I hope Bungie commissions more of these stories as they definitely showed a more personal side to the characters that we normally do not see.

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