‘Batman: The Knight’ Issue 5 Comic Book Review

We made it to the halfway mark for ‘Batman: The Knight‘ with issue five. The DC Comics story continues the new NEW origin for Bruce Wayne’s transition into becoming the Dark Knight. Chip Zdarsky does the writing while Carmine Di Giandomenico handles the art for this ten-part series.

Bruce Wayne continues his training after working with Ducard and Kirigi. Now he and his new ally Anton are in Moscow. The two of them get caught thrown in prison only to be released by former KGB Agent Avery Oblonsky who is a master of disguise and a “free agent.” Bruce grows frustrated with his inability to adjust as Anton succeeds with his training.

So, the artwork is not bad. While it impressed me for the first few issues, it is more of the same. Lots of angles, wrinkles, and hard cuts on the action. I mean it is not bad, but as the series progresses, it seems to be a one-trick pony.

As for the story, it continues to refuse to justify itself. It ignores whole parts of lore with Batman’s training and then tries to shoe-horn in nostalgia bait. For instance, they give a new boring way Bruce learns about a “cave” being a hideout. He already knows there are caves beneath Wayne Manor, why would this be important? That sentiment pretty much sums up this series.

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