‘Batman: The Knight’ Issue 3 Comic Book Review

Batman: The Knight‘ issue three continues the new NEW origin for Bruce Wayne’s transition into becoming the Dark Knight. Chip Zdarsky is handling the writing and Carmine Di Giandomenico is handling the art for this ten-part series.

Bruce Wayne and the Gray Shadow get accosted by Henri Ducard, who wants a jewelry box that they stole from a French aristocrat. It turns out, the aristocrat is actually the Foundling, a serial killer that targets specific wealthy European families. Ducard fears that the theft of the jewelry box will force the Foundling into an early killing spree. Bruce, the Gray Shadow, and Ducard have to work together to stop the Foundling before he strikes again.

I’m very impressed with the artwork. I like the character designs and the background illustrations. The way the Parisian skyline is very impressive.

When it comes to the plot, why do we need a New new Batman origin? We’ve seen it done over and over again. I know I have repeated that line in the reviews of the previous two issues, but I do not feel like there has been a justification for why this story exists.

I was not vibing with the new Henri Ducard. I suppose he is not the worst interpretation of the character but he comes off more like an arrogant bully than a master detective who moonlights as a vigilante. I suppose we have a few issues to go.

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