‘Peter Parker, Spider-Man: Senseless Violence’ Graphic Novel Review

Marvel Comics released volume five of ‘Peter Parker, Spider-Man’ titled “Senseless Violence in 2003. It kicks off writer Zeb Wells’ run on Spidey. It had several artists attached to this collection and dealt more with the emotional side of Peter’s life as a hero.

Peter Parker is still reeling from the guilt of Flash Thompson’s coma after a battle with Green Goblin. As he questions his position in life, he encounters several villains including Hydro-Man and Shocker, the latter of whom wants to prove himself as a villain. Scorpion and Boomerang are in town, causing chaos for a group of gamblers. A strange encounter with Sandman makes Spider-Man question his role in New York.

I thought the artwork was very odd. It starts off with that weird thing in the 90s and early 2000s where everything was exaggerated on bodies, making everyone seem disproportionate, especially Spider-Man. The middle issues were a bit more stable, but then the final two issues have some weird surreal style that did not match the story at all.

As for the story, I loved it. It deals with the toll that being a hero has on Spider-Man without drowning him in boring exposition. It shows instead of tells and it makes it for a solid arc. These stories definitely showed a more human side to the web-slinger and his desire to not only stop crime but also help his criminals. It is a shame Marvel Comics cannot get back to this type of storytelling because as this series ends, it definitely left me wanting more.

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