‘Infinitale: Chronicles – The War of the Trees Book 1’ Graphic Novel Review

Infinitale: Chronicles – The War of the Trees Book 1: Second Genesis is a graphic novel that was published after a highly successful crowdfunding campaign. The series is created and written by Chris Fisk with artwork by Antonio Brandao.

On the world of Esperia, the ancient deities hold the Elves, Fauns, and Fomoire in a constant state of conflict. This allows them to enslave the tribes. That is until the Elf Queen Aislinn becomes pregnant with a natural child. During the pregnancy and after the birth of her son, she has strange visions of a city that can reveal the truth of the deities. Her husband Coalan goes in her place with his trusted guard Darwen. What they find in this lost city will bring about something greater and reveal a darker secret than they could have imagined.

I really enjoyed the story. It was one of tragedy, action, and magic. Though it was simple, I never lost interest or got bored. On the contrary, I thought it was well-written and had a thrilling plot that was exciting and had cool characters.

The world building for the story was done very well and I am thankful that the creator did not overly complicate it, but kept it tight and interesting.

The artwork was very impressive with sleek character designs and the backgrounds. They really popped and made the story come alive. This is one where I do hope we get a sequel to this soon.

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