‘Kamen America Omnibus’ Graphic Novel Review

Kamen America Omnibus Volume 1: Stars And Strife Saga‘ is an indie graphic novel from Timothy Lim and Mark Pellegrini under the banner Iconic Comics. This collects the first four comic book volumes of their heroine Kamen America and her allies in the Kamen Corp.

Carly Vanders is exposed to a strange radiation from a meteor that gives her unusual abilities. Using her skills as a fashionista, she designs a costume and becomes the hero Warhen, only to go independent as Kamen America with the help of her friends and allies. Soon, she gains new teammates in the form of Kamen Comet and Kamen Ramen who aid her in the battle against the mysterious Vermillion Masquerade.

Reading through all four volumes (and having them in my collection), I can honestly say that Timothy Lim nails the manga-inspired artwork. The character designs, the background illustrations, and the lively colors pull you into the story. It brings it full circle whether hero, villain, or civilian with all of the cool takes on the characters.

This series has that sense of fun that a lot of modern comics ditch in favor of political talking points. That is a nice change of pace to actually read heroes being heroic.

I liked how Mark Pellegrini put themes of regret, forgiveness, and friendship into the plot. If I could compare the entirety of this first volume, it has a mix of 90s Marvel with a dose of anime like Sailor Moon. You cheer for the Kamen Corp and hope that they succeed in their endeavors from beginning to end.

With the first saga complete, I look forward to seeing what is coming down the trail for Carly and her friends as they work together to fight crime.

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