Graphic Novel Review- Kamen America Volume 1: Stars And Stripes

Kamen America Volume 1: Stars And Stripes‘ is an indie comic book from Timothy Lim and Mark Pellegrini under the banner Iconic Comics. The project successfully used crowdfunding to raise the capital to publish it.

Carly Vanders is a young woman trying to make her in the world as a seamstress and is having mixed results. After returning home from a USO tour, she is caught in a meteor shower. After waking up from a three-week-long coma, she finds herself in Area 51 and it is revealed she has superpowers. At first, she works as Warhen battling monsters that have appeared since the meteor shower. After the ad agency she works with tries to use her to push an agenda, she dons a new identity as Kamen America to fight the monsters and other villains on her own terms.

In full disclosure, I proudly supported this campaign because I genuinely think the creators are talented. Not in the slightest was I disappointed. The artwork is top-notch and of good quality. It was a meld of traditional comic art with a heavy manga influence, giving the characters plenty of depth and style. I especially liked the character gallery that was included in the copy I received.

The story definitely is inspired by the great comic books of the past but restores what made those stories great to begin with. There is no political correctness, making the story flow on its own without relying on politics. Sure, Lim and Pellegrini put some of their own beliefs in the story, but it is not the story itself, a common flaw in modern comics. This graphic novel instead lets Carly’s journey into becoming Kamen America come naturally without the need for boring nonsense. It is definitely worth every penny of support and adding to your collection once it is available on-demand.

Here is a photo of the set I received for supporting the crowdfunding campaign:


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  1. […] Carly Vanders is working overtime for her fashion company and her superhero team the Kamen Corp. She leads them as Kamen America with teammates Kamen Rocket, Kamen Ramen, and Kamen Victory. However, they are hounded by a team of heroes called the Zenerengers, who are funded by Carly’s old PR team and call out the Kamen Corp focus on the USA. Kamen America takes the team to Japan to meet Kamen Ramen’s family, but trouble looms both within the team and without. […]

  2. […] Carly Vanders is exposed to a strange radiation from a meteor that gives her unusual abilities. Using her skills as a fashionista, she designs a costume and becomes the hero Warhen, only to go independent as Kamen America with the help of her friends and allies. Soon, she gains new teammates in the form of Kamen Comet and Kamen Ramen who aid her in the battle against the mysterious Vermillion Masquerade. […]

  3. […] Carly Vanders aka the superhero Kamen America is joined by Misha aka Kamen Comet in fighting the mysterious mud mutants that are plaguing America. They are soon joined by a new member Kimiko Kaneko Kamen Ramen from Japan. Despite their exploits, they are outshined by the mechanically armored heroine Kamen UN, an old high school rival of Carly’s and sponsored by her old boss Niro Lanksy. This makes Carly jealous, though her friends try to tell her not to worry about it. Little do they know that Kamen UN and Niro are allied with a mysterious new enemy who has plans on stopping the Kamen Corp. […]

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