‘Kamen America Volume 6: Daughters of Liberty’ Graphic Novel Review

Kamen America Volume 6: Daughters of Liberty is the next phase in the superhero series from artist Timothy Lim and writer Mark Pellegrini. It was released through a crowdfunding effort under their Iconic Comics imprint.

The Kamen Corp is doing a tour with their leader Carly Vanders’ fashion line while battling mysterious robot attacks. They are joined on the tour by Marmot Maiden and Icetosterone who are still trying to find their way in the hero world. However, Kamen America, Rocket, Ramen, and Victory are stunned to see a new woman taking on the identity of Kamen Unity. She has a mysterious connection to the rival heroic group Zenerengers and to Kamen Victory. The ladies of the Kamen Corp are not just facing a physical threat, but one that is very personal.

The artwork is superb. In my unboxing, I noted the manga influences that make the world colorful and the expressions more lively. I also want to note that the cover by the artist known as Kionaoki is fantastic. He truly brings out the story and makes you want to open the cover as soon as you get it.

With the story, I was hooked. We saw in the first volume, we saw Carly struggle with being a hero and even making decisions. Now she is more mature and strategic. It was also a relief to see heroes being heroic. The women of Kamen Corp maintain their feminity while saving lives, not once does one feel like a stand-in for a man. I also like Marmot Maiden and Icetosterone. I hope we see them grow and maybe even get a spin-off series.

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