‘Kamen America Volume 5: Success and Nobleness’ Graphic Novel Review

Kamen America Volume 5: Success and Nobleness’ is the next chapter of the indie comic book series written by Mark Pellegrini with artwork from Timothy Lim. Like its predecessor, it was released under their Iconic Comics banner and funded through a successful crowdfunding campaign which, in full disclosure, I supported.

Carly Vanders is working overtime for her fashion company and her superhero team the Kamen Corp. She leads them as Kamen America with teammates Kamen Comet, Kamen Ramen, and Kamen Victory. However, they are hounded by a team of heroes called the Zenerengers, who are funded by Carly’s old PR team and call out the Kamen Corp focus on the USA. Kamen America takes the team to Japan to meet Kamen Ramen’s family, but trouble looms both within the team and without.

Of course, I would be remiss if I did not mention the artwork. It was pretty cool and I liked the homage to some other franchises and how that worked in a denunciation of commercialism in heroics. Not too bad.

With the “Star and Strife” Saga completed, I was curious where Mark Pellegrini and Timothy Lim would take the story of the Kamen Corp and I was not disappointed. The plot incorporates deeper themes this time around, but I appreciated that it did become political or bogged down in it. The progression was excellent and I look forward to the next chapter.

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