‘Kamen America Volume 2: The Founding Fighters’ Graphic Novel Review

Timothy Lim and Mark Pellegrini are back with Kamen America Volume 2: The Founding Fighters, a comic book project from Iconic Comics that came to life thanks to a crowdfunding campaign.

Carly Vanders aka the superhero Kamen America is joined by Misha aka Kamen Comet in fighting the mysterious mud mutants that are plaguing America. They are soon joined by a new member Kimiko Kaneko Kamen Ramen from Japan. Despite their exploits, they are outshined by the mechanically armored heroine Kamen UN, an old high school rival of Carly’s and sponsored by her old boss Niro Lanksy. This makes Carly jealous, though her friends try to tell her not to worry about it. Little do they know that Kamen UN and Niro are allied with a mysterious new enemy who has plans on stopping the Kamen Corp.

Once again, Lim and Pellegrini outshine anything coming from the mainstream comic industry. They have such great talent and work well together in both illustrating and writing this new world. Carly Vanders is a throwback to your Saturday morning cartoons where gals could be gals, likewise, the men could be men. It is cool, exciting, and I am proud that I supported it.

Here’s my collection:

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