‘Kamen America Volume 3: Homeland Insecurity’ Graphic Novel Review

Timothy Lim and Mark Pellegrini reunite for a third successful crowdfunding comic book project with ‘Kamen America Volume 3 Homeland Insecurity.’

Following volume 2, the Kamen Corp is not only protecting the world from monsters, but Kamen America, her Russian teammate Kamen Rocket, and Japanese newcomer Kamen Ramen are also trying to get some businesses off the ground. At a performance, their archrival Vermillion Masquerade attacks them, but they are upstaged by their rival Kamen UN, who has no powers instead using a mech-suit. As the Kamen Corp try to unravel the mystery of Vermillion, they also sense a deeper plot to stop them.

I will say that the plot moves extra fast compared to the previous entries, but outside of that. I enjoyed it as much as the previous volumes. Timothy Lim and Mark Pellegrini are superb. They do a good job of moving the plot forward as well as show the dynamics between the characters. They make some pretty cool female superheroes. I can see them becoming iconic in the near future, especially within the indie comic sphere.

As soon as I finished the unboxing, I knew I would like the graphic novel. Though manga-inspired, it has that sense of fun that a lot of modern comics sort of eschew in favor of political talking points or nihilism. Instead, the Kamen Corps have been wanting to inspire from Volume 1 and on. I think that is what makes them stand out spectacularly.

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