Top 10 Tim Drake Costumes

Created by comic book writer Marv Wolfman and artist Pat Broderick, Tim Drake became Batman’s sidekick after Jason Todd. Though the Dark Knight was not looking for a new partner, he saw the intelligence and investigative powers in Drake. However, it was when Drake defeated Scarecrow on his own when Bruce Wayne gave him the mantle of Robin. Like his predecessors in DC Comics, he would cycle through several outfits as he fought crime. Here are my Top 10 Tim Drake Costumes:

10. Future’s End

DC Database

After the disappearance of Terry McGinnis, Tim Drake steps into the mantle of the Dark Knight in the New 52 title Batman Beyond.

09. Red Mask

Batman Wiki

According to the New 52 canon, Drake was always Red Robin, choosing to honor Jason Todd’s memory. Though it is similar, it sports an obvious red mask that stands out.

08. Young Justice series

Young Justice Wiki

In his appearance in ‘Young Justice’ season three, Drake is a field leader of a team that includes fellow Batman Family members Spoiler and The Orphan. He also in a relationship with Cassie Sandmark, the second Wonder Girl. This version is voiced by Cameron Bowen.

07. Arkham Knights

Batman Wikia

Tim Drake is shown with an armored version of his uniform in the hit videogame Batman: Arkham Knights. He also sported a hood and a bald head while helping Batman take down patients infected with the Joker virus. He is voiced by Matthew Mercer.

06. New 52

DC Database

While I was not a fan of the writing Tim Drake received during this time, it shows Red Robin as the founder of the Teen Titans along with Bart Allen, Superboy, and a few others. This one sports some pretty cool glider wings.

05. DC Rebirth

DC Database

This one is a redesign of his first costume on the Boy Wonder. After Rebirth, Drake helps Batman set up a base called the Belfry and was thought to be dead after a battle with a militia group called The Colony.

04. One Year Later

Batman Wiki

After the Infinite Crisis, Bruce Wayne formally adopts Tim as his son, making him from Tim Wayne. He would then take on a new costume that had a black and red costume. This is around the time that he would begin to use a bow-staff more prominently.

03. Original outfit

Batman Wiki

When Tim became Robin, his costume had the classic color scheme and his signature ‘R’ could be used as a ninja shuriken to disarm enemies. This premier version appeared in Batman #442 in December 1989.

02. DCAU

This version of Tim Drake combined the element from Jason Todd and featured the first costume without the green in the color scheme. Sadly, his time as Robin would end tragically after a deadly encounter with the Joker. Mathew Valencia voiced him during the series.

Honorable Mention: Batman

DC Database

During the “Battle For The Cowl,” Dick Grayson at first refuses to become Batman in Bruce Wayne’s absence. This allowed Jason Todd to become a violent version of the Dark Knight and so Tim Drake steps up, wearing a costume similar to the one Bruce wore when they first met. Todd defeated Drake, which caused Grayson to take the mantle from Jason. Drake would continue to work as Red Robin.

01. Red Robin

Batman Wiki

While Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne worked as Batman and Robin, Drake never gave up on the missing Bruce Wayne. Working as Red Robin, he traveled the globe looking for his mentor and adoptive father. This version of the costume is fantastic and it is truly my favorite.

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