‘Batman: The Adventures Continue’ S2 Issue 2 Comic Book Review

Season two of ‘Batman: The Adventures Continue’ continues with issue two for DC Comics. Alan Burnett and Paul Dini are handling the writing duties with Ty Templeton returning for the artwork and he does an excellent job.

Batman continues to work with Boston Brand the Deadman in solving the mystery of the Court of Owls as their agents continue to cause trouble in Gotham City. Brand reconnects with Nightwing and meets Robin with a quick possession of Alfred Pennyworth. Meanwhile, Hamilton Hill, Jr. makes plans to take his father’s place in city hall. At the funeral of Mayor Hamilton Hill who was killed by the Talons, Batman and Deadman soon find a conspiracy that could shake the very foundation of Gotham.

I will say that the Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo run on ‘Batman’ had and still has the best ‘Court of the Owls.’ That being said, if you were going to adapt it for Batman: TAS, this is the right way to do it. Burnett and Dini definitely know what makes the Dark Knight tick and they do a good job of bringing Talon into the fold of the universe. This series is still better than anything DC Comics is putting out. All other series, including Batman, seems more about getting likes on social media than actually telling a good story. This series is a breath of fresh air.

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