Comic Book Review- Batman: The Adventures Continue Issue 2

Batman: The Adventures Continue‘ issue two is written by the powerhouse team of Paul Dini and Alan Burnett. It also features artwork from Ty Templeton and a pretty cool cover from Sean Gordon Murphy.

When Clayface goes crazy at a Gotham movie theater, Batman, Batgirl, and Robin are all saved thanks to the intervention of Deathstroke who introduces himself and vanishes into the night. While Batman tries to get intel on him, Batgirl meets the merc again and he tries to gain her trust by pointing out she is being watched by the mysterious from the first issue, Despite this, Batman is doubtful that Deathstroke is trustworthy, speculating he has a hidden agenda.

Like its predecessor, this series is meant to be a DC Comics continuation of Batman: The Animated Series, which both Alan Burnett and Paul Dini worked on in the nineties. Their skill at storytelling is top-notch and I really enjoyed their retelling of this classic take on the Dark Knight. While I am not a huge fan of Deathstroke as a character, it was cool to see him be given a fresh take on his relationship with Batman.

As for the art, Ty Templeton does a great job recreating the aesthetic of the Batman: TAS and emulating the “dark deco” design of the show. Likewise, Sean Murphy’s cover is excellent and really catches your eye. He does a good job of melding his unique style with the TAS look.

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  1. […] Deathstroke continues to manipulate Robin and Batgirl, providing them with advice and encouragement that they rarely get from Batman. Though he pretends to be a fellow do-gooder, he is secretly working with Lex Luthor in order to kill the Batman. The world’s deadliest assassin sets a trap by having his protege pose as Firefly to lure Batman out into Gotham City, setting a trap that he is sure will kill the Dark Knight. Meanwhile, a mysterious man is spying on the dynamic duo. […]

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