‘Arachna 2: The Most Dangerous Game’ Graphic Novel Review

From X53 Studios, Martti Kauppinen writes and Carlos Granda draws the indie graphic novel Arachna 2: The Most Dangerous Game which was funded through a crowdfunding campaign.

The female vigilante Arachna continues to search for Doctor Diabolique, who had captured and experimented on her in the first issue. As she searches, she is found by a guru who insists on training her. However, she is approached by someone at her day job and is offered the chance to confront the evil doctor. She agrees and arrives at the island of a big game hunter who quickly betrays her, revealing he is in an alliance with Doctor Diabolique. Every night, she is hunted only to be stunned, healed, and hunted again. Every time she learns something new and vows to escape.

This is not a comic book for children. It is meant for mature audiences with sexual content including nudity. Keep that in mind should you pick up a copy.

The campaign had a lot of cool covers, but I just had to get the one illustrated by Junggeun Yoon (seen above.) Nothing against the others, they are all excellent, but I liked how Arachna is posed. As for the interior artwork, it is top-notch. I found it showed a lot of talent.

I did enjoy the main story, but it leaves a lot of open threads. I do hope that we get a third one because I want to see what Arachna gets up to and what kind of villains she will face in the future. She is an interesting hero and brings a lot humor to the situations she finds herself in. I also liked her time on the island, it provides a lot of tense moments and strange alliances that keep you on the edge of your seat.

In full disclosure, I did support the crowdfunding campaign for this comic book.

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