‘A Man And His Cat’ Volume 7 Manga Highlight

Volume seven of A Man And His Cat is created by Umi Sakurai, published by Square Enix, and translated into English by Taylor Engel. It is a slice-of-life comedy manga that explores a widowed man and his new cat.

Music teacher and cat owner Kanda is visited by the son of his contemporary, a young man named Geoffery from England. The concert pianist wishes for Mr. Kanda to help his train and prepare for a concert in Japan, however, he also arrives with five kittens. This makes Kanda’s kitty cat Fukumaru and his sister Marin very jealous. At first, Geoffery asks for Kanda’s help in getting them adopted, but soon he begins to fall for these kittens as pets, who are learning the rules from Fukumaru.

I do not talk about the artwork for this series enough. Sakurai does an excellent job with all of the illustrations, particularly the character designs. I love how he draws Fukumaru’s expressions, especially when the cat gets jealous of the little kittens who have infiltrated his home. He did a good job of showing the frustration with the cat and it made it fun to read.

This story is a good read if you just want to chill. It is exciting enough to not be boring, but it is relaxed enough that you can rest while you read. It is perfect for reading in front of the fire or by the lamp light. I appreciate the plot and how you watch Kanda grow from being a tragic widower to a man who becomes a mentor to young men who are still figuring out who they are. It is like reading a book about Mr. Rogers if he was a Japanese music teacher.

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