‘Red Pawn’ Graphic Novel Review

Red Pawn is a graphic novel based on a screenplay written by novelist and Objectivist philosopher Ayn Rand. Released by the Atlas Society in 2020, it was adapted by Jennifer Grossman and Dan Parsons, who also did the illustrations.

Commandant Kareyev is the warden of a Soviet island prison. Though he wished to retire, Moscow insisted he stayed, but he asked for one thing in return, a wife. The American communist Joan Harding arrives and he is cold to her when he realizes how lovely she is, but she insists on staying. However, a prisoner named Michael recognizes her and it is revealed that she is his wife. A love triangle forms between the parties, as Joan’s presence brings tension between the men and between the other Soviet officers.

Parsons’ artwork is fantastic. He worked on Nightwing, Sherlock Holmes, and Star Wars comic books as an inker. He previously worked with the Atlas Society on their comic book edition of Anthem and he truly shows his talent in the character designs, backgrounds, and action sequences.

This script was one of Rand’s works that never made it to film, but the Atlas Society does a good job of bringing it to life. It was her sharp and sleek style that made her other works so memorable. She has compelling characters and a twist at the end of the story that reveals Rand’s true love of liberty.

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