‘Overmind’ Graphic Novel Review

Overmind is a science fiction graphic novel by writer Jon Del Arroz and illustrator Ms. Krimson. It was released after a successful crowdfunding campaign.

After dealing with some space pirates, Terrain Empire secret agent Ayla Rin is told of the mysterious AI called Overmind that could pose a threat to the Imperium. Disguised as a dignitary, Rin arrives at the faraway colony planet only to discover it is much worse than initially thought. After testing it out, she meets the AI and discovers it has some grandiose plans to take over humanity for itself.

I liked the artwork. It definitely had a classic sci-fi pulp feel to it. I also liked how vibrant and colorful it was, truly drawing you into the story. I would be remiss if I did not mention Ayla Rin’s character design. She was given a modest, but flattering outfit that displayed her status as the hero of the story.

As for the story itself, I had a lot of fun reading it. It was sharp, sleek, cool, and it definitely had the feeling of being an old-school sci-fi story. I enjoyed the adventure and appreciated that Rin was not a Mary Sue or some Hollywood feminist spouting off lines about the patriarchy. Instead, she was a fun character who faced a powerful foe and overcame obstacles to her mission throughout the whole comic book. It was a refreshing read and fun.

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