‘Goshawk and Falconet’ Graphic Novel Review

Goshawk and Falconet is a graphic novel for mature audiences from X53 Studios that was written by Martti Kauppinen with art from Daniel Pascual and colors by Javi Laparra.

Married couple Baron and Sierra Gunn might be a wealthy power couple, but they are also the superhero duo known as Goshawk and Falconet. The two of them are fighting to stop crime in Los Angeles, but they soon run afoul of the terrifying villain King Vulture. After Falconet is captured by the villain, Goshawk goes on a rampage trying to find her.

First of all, the artwork is fantastic and that goes for the cover as well. X53 Studios is the same one behind Arachna and they put the same amount of effort into this. It was impressive and even how pristine the final product was. I supported the crowdfunding campaign and would do it again.

As for the story, it was pretty compelling. Not many comic books explore husband and wife relationships, but this one did it and did it well. Neither Baron nor Sierra are Mary Sues who have everything handed to them. They have flaws and even their marriage is stressed by their superhero work, but through an enthralling story, we see them save the day.

Check out the cover below:

In full disclosure, I did support the crowdfunding campaign that raised the funds for this comic book.

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