‘SHI: Sakura’ Graphic Novel Review

Crusader Comics brings us Shi: Sakura written by Billy Tucci and Steven Peros. The artwork is done by Tucci and Gardenio Lima. The graphic novel was produced via a successful crowdfunding campaign and continues the story of protagonist Ana Ishikawa.

Ana finds herself trying to deal with her daughter’s growing desire to be a warrior after she killed her kidnapper. She is also trying to investigate the revelation that her mom was actually an adoptive parent and her real mother is someone dangerous. Her true mother gets wind of this and sends an assassin after her as the Cherry Blossom Festival she is planning approaches. Meanwhile, her daughter continues to struggle and grows more violent.

I applaud the artwork for this issue. Parts one and two had high caliber illustrations as well, but this one definitely builds on that to a better level. I love the character designs and the action sequences were excellent.

The story is also a good continuation. We get to see Ana and her daughter grow, well, grow apart. Ana is trying to leave her legacy of violence while her daughter is trying to embrace it. It had a lot of weight and depth while also having some cool action that kept you hooked.

Indie comics are where it is at and the Shi series proves that. Billy Tucci continues to raise the stakes and I cannot wait for the next part.

In full disclosure, I did support the crowdfunding campaign and I would do it again.

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