‘Nexus: The Coming of Gourmando’ Graphic Novel Review

Nexus, as I have said many times, is one of my favorite science fiction comic book characters. That is why I was excited when artist Steve Rude and writer Mike Baron were bringing the character back with Nexus: The Coming of Gourmando.

Horatio Hellpop, known as the hero Nexus, is standing guard on his home planet of Ylum enjoying his life with his spouse Sundra and son Harry. However, a group of survivors from a distant planet warning of Gourmando, a giant that devours planets. Nexus travels to meet this force of nature only to be rebuffed by his herald Gnosis. With little time left and getting no help from the Merk, Nexus debates how to stop Gourmando before he reaches Ylum.

The writing of Mike Baron is top-notch. This story shows why he is one of my favorite writers. He knows how to mix humor, tragedy, and sci-fi adventure into one interesting plot. There was also a cameo from his character Badger which only added to the awesomeness of the story. You feel the tension and concern as Nexus questions what to do against this powerful threat.

As for the art, Steve Rude is on cue. He is one of the most talented artists around and the way he draws Nexus and particularly Gnosis is pretty cool. From space to battle to flight to just the character designs, he gives some of the coolest artwork for comic books.

Mike Baron and Steve Rude coming back together for Nexus is awesome. This one graphic novel is better than anything a major comic company is putting out.

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