‘Florida Man’ Volume 1 Graphic Novel Review

Comic book writer Mike Baron is back with a hilarious new comic book ‘Florida Man: Volume 1.’ Featuring an army of incredibly talented artists including Joe Comstock, Pat Broderick, Brett R. Smith, Barry McClain Jr., Elias Martins, Marcelo Salaza, and Todd Mulrooney, get ready for a wild ride in the Sunshine State.

Gary Duba is a redneck living in Florida who is having a bad day. A snake slithered into his toilet, his friend shot out his truck’s tire, and his girlfriend was arrested for public nudity. Trying to get bail money, he makes a deal with a shady lawyer which leads to meeting new allies, enemies, and run-ins with the law way deep in the swamp.

When I first heard of this project, I did not know what to expect. I have been a huge of Mike Baron’s since his days writing indie stuff, Nexus, The Punisher, and some of my favorite Batman adventures. This one looked wacky and insane. Turns out, it totally was, but in the best possible way. I found myself laughing out loud as Gary Duba goes along with the hilarious highs and laughable lows in his misadventures. It was a blast and I had a good time with it all the way through.

In full disclosure, I backed the crowdfunding campaign and I do not regret it. It was the subject of censorship by Reddit which was stupid. Here is my copy:

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