Graphic Novel Review- Nexus: Alien Justice

Iconic comic book writer Mike Baron and fan favorite artist Steve Rude bring us Nexus: Alien Justice, a 1992 graphic novel collectiing issues from the Dark Horse Comics miniseries.

After helping his buddy Dave bring some peace to his home planet, Nexus suddenly finds himself without power. It turns out the Merk alien that gave him the power to eliminate mass murderers across the galaxy has started to go insane. Instead of giving Horatio Hellpop the power of Nexus, he is starting to give criminals the power. Horatio and his lover Sundra are in a bind as they to figure out a way to stop an army of Nexi before they cause havoc on Earth and beyond.

The artwork by Steve Rude is incredible. He has a signature way of designing space that you can tell is influenced by classic science fiction. He is also an expert at illustration of the characters, who do not only have unique features, but unique expressions. It is is a testament to his immense talent as an artist.

Mike Baron is not one to hold back on the fun, the horror, and often the sheer insanity of being a superhero. With Horatio, he’s unique in the sense that he does not enjoy being a hero, but does it for the power to keep his planet Ylum and his family safe. This makes his character incredibly thrilling and it shows in this story. This time, he is fighting people with the same power that he once had and must stop them. Baron crafts this Nexus story with care and talent, making it enjoyable. The plot presents itself in a compelling well and is true testament to the incredible storytelling in the nineties.

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