‘Black Clover’ Season 3 Review

The anime fantasy Black Clover is back for a third season. For background, the television show is based on the  “Burakku Kurōbā” manga by Yūki Tabata and published in the Weekly Shōnen Jump. It is produced in Japan by Pierrot studios and dubbed into English by Funimation.

At the conclusion of season two, the cult of the Eye of the Midnight Sun Elf members unlocked the spirits of elves within the people of the Clover Kingdom. Black Bulls member Asta (Dallas Reid) finds himself fighting enemies and allies alike as the elves wreak havoc across the land. Though possessed, Yuno (Micah Solusod) and the wind spirit Sylph (Tia Ballard) continue to work to save the kingdom. Even as the elves continue their chaos, a demon is waiting in the wings to come and end all life in the four kingdoms. These battles leave many injured and create future ramifications for the Clover Kingdom.

The first half of the season is an intense battle that show no end in sight. It is dark and foreboding, but you are hooked as you watch Asta and his friends battle for the very survival of the kingdom. The stakes could not be higher. For the second arc, you see the ramifications as the Clover Kingdom prepare for war.

For the first season and the second, I mentioned that I do like the additional characters. Secre “Nero” Swallowtail, voiced by Monica Rial, is probably my favorite. I mentioned that the show was introducing too many new characters, but after watching this season they did a good job of expanding on beloved ones while toning down others who are less important. Of course, I have to mention that Captain Yami, voiced by Christopher Sabat, is pretty cool.

I want to repeat that the show is fantastic. The story-arc is interesting, the animation is solid, and the voice acting is spot on. Any person who is a fan of the fantasy genre would enjoy it a great deal. I am saddened that the next season is going to be the last.

Check out the trailer below:

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Fantasy Violence, Minor foul language, Rude humor

This review is based on the dub.

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