‘Radiant’ Anime Season 1 Review

Radiant‘ is an anime by the Japanese studio Lerche and dubbed by Funimation. It is based on the French comic book of the same name by Tony Valente. The comic was translated into Japanese and later into English by Viz Media. Season one of the show premiered in 2018.

A race of monsters called Nemeses fall from the sky in the world of Pompo Hills. The only beings who can stand against them are sorcerers, unfortunately, they are considered “cursed” since their powers come from being exposed to a Nemesis. Seth (Christopher Llewyn Ramirez) is the horned teenaged apprentice of Alma (Monica Rial). After saving a village from a giant Nemesis, he decides to strike on his own to find Radiant, the rumored homeland of the monsters. With Alma’s blessing, he departs, meeting magical scientist Doc (Shawn Gann) and his apprentice Mélie (Caitlin Glass). They escape sorcerer hunter Inquisitor Captain Dragunov (Ivan Jasso), heading to Artemis, the only country where sorcerers can live in peace, though the taxes are heavy. They strike out on a few adventures while Seth learns magic from Alma’s friend Yaga (Doug Jackson), dodging Nemeses and Inquisitors, while the mysterious Grimm (Eric Vale) waits in the shadows.

As far as the animation, it is pretty standard stuff. There is nothing mind-blowing, but it is very competent and shows a lot of talent from the studio. Likewise, the voice-acting by the cast is excellent, all of them do a great job with their respective roles. I want to shout out Barry Yandell, who serves as the narrator. He was well-cast.

The story is not that different compared to other fantasy series. A kid who is unique goes on a quest, discovers he has a secret power, he gathers friends, enemies pursue them, not all of the bad guys are bad, etc. What makes Radiant unique is the characters. They all stand out in a good way and show some strong dynamics amongst them.

For instance, Seth is a young, idealistic, determined kid who is learning to use his skills. Dragunov is older, experienced, and cares a great deal for their men. Though they are on opposing sides, they both seek what is best for their respective teams. Though this is an undercurrent of the show, this rivalry is a key aspect that makes the show exciting and fun to watch.

Check out the trailer below:

Yes, I am fully aware I am late to the game on this particular anime.

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