‘Fruits Basket: The Final’ Anime Review

Fruits Basket: The Final‘ is the last season of the anime based on ‘Furūtsu Basuketto’ manga written and illustrated by Japanese author Natsuki Takaya. The show is produced by the Tokyo-based TMS Entertainment, with Funimation doing the English dubbing.

The kind-hearted high school student Tohru Honda (Laura Bailey) is determined to break the curse that haunts her friends the Somas. She still lives with Shigure/Dog (John Burgmeier), Yuki/Rat (Eric Vale), and Kyo/Cat (Jerry Jewell), but her feelings for Kyo deepen. After Momiji/Rabbit (Mikaela Krantz)’s bond with the cruel and sadistic family leader Akito (Colleen Clinkenbeard) is broken, causing the family head to begin spiraling as she fears the loss of her hold on the family. Meanwhile, Yuki’s bond with his friend Machi (Caitlin Glass), whom he develops feelings for. Isuzu Soma/Horse (Brina Palencia) is also looking for a cure to the curse which leads to a disastrous confrontation with Akito which only Tohru and Kureno Soma/Rooster (Ian Sinclair) can solve.

Like in season one and two, we see how the Zodiac Curse impacts the members of the Soma family. While one or two had loving families, the others suffered tremendous abuse and neglect over their curse. The show does a good job of showing the consequences of these familial horrors and at times, it got downright emotional. You felt everything and stood by as you awaited for the climax.

As with its predecessors, Tohru is the standout character. I said it before, but it is a rarity to see kindness, purity of heart, and just overall goodness uplifted as an example. I found that enduring. Aside from that, the show is genuinely entertaining with lots of fun drama, crazy antics, and hilarious banter that makes this Fruits Basket reboot an enjoyable break from the cares of life.

This final season relied less on humor and focused more on the emotional connection with the characters. Arisa (Elizabeth Maxwell) and Saki (Jad Saxton) do not appear as much, though their presence is still strong. The plot of the final season is interesting and emotional. You do not want to miss the conclusion as every detail is finely tuned to evoke the strongest vibes as you watch.

This was my wife’s favorite anime and while I did not think I would like this television show, I was hooked from the first episode. It is sad to see it end but it ended on a high point that is unforgettable.

Check out the trailer below:

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Minor violence, Foul language, Adult situations, Disturbing images

This review is based on the dub. Yes, I know I repeated myself a bit with this review, but I think that shows how this anime stayed consistently good throughout its short run.

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