‘Godzilla Singular Point’ Anime Review

Godzilla Singular Point‘ is a joint venture between the streaming service Netflix as well as the Japanese animation studios Bones and Orange. It is a thirteen-episode saga and there will be no spoilers in this review.

In the year 2030, Yun Arikawa (Johnny Yong Bosch) and Haberu Katō (Stephen Fu) work for the engineering company Otaki Factory, owned by the stubborn, but inventive Gorō Ōtaki (Keith Silverstein). They are investigating strange occurrences at the same time as brilliant graduate student Mei Kamino (Erika Harlacher) and the AI she names Pelops II (Cassandra Morris). They all are detecting a strange Indian folk song being broadcast and hear rumors of a strange prophecy from discredited scientist Ashihara. On the day Goro unveils his latest robot Jet Jaguar, a red tide hits Japan and with it comes winged dinosaur creatures called Rodan. Soon other kaiju such as Anguirus, Manda, Salunga, and others appear. As Mei and Yun work separately to solve Ashihara’s writings, the suspicious corporation Misakioku is preparing for a singular point in the chaos, the coming of Godzilla.

The voice acting is very well-done for both the English and Japanese cast. The dub was organized and I applaud their cast’s talent. Every person had a unique voice in the dub, so it was easy to distinguish the characters. Of course, the Japanese did excellent as well.

With the animation, I am conflicted. The characters and background illustrations are excellent. They made each character look unique, not just in their faces, but also in their expressions. However, the kaiju were done in a bizarre CGI that came straight out of the early 2000s and it was not very impressive. I do not understand why they did not just make them traditional anime as I think it would have made them seem more terrifying, but they came off as more bizarre.

On that note, Godzilla is usually drawn like a lizard or a dinosaur and while the body looked fine, they made his face more like a snake. It stretched out, literally, into uncanny valley territory. Every time he would open his face to fire the atomic breath, it would just stretch and stretch and stretch. It looked incredibly weird instead of cool.

The story was also an issue. For some reason, it got bogged down with a whole bunch of science that was meant to explain the sudden appearance of the kaiju, but it spent way too much time, delaying Godzilla’s appearance WAY too late in the series. Also, he does not get the grand appearance you would think for him being the titular monster. He just kind of appears and everyone is like, “oh there’s Godzilla.” Essentially, they spent too much time on the small details no one cares about, even given two different AIs story-arcs, instead of focusing on Godzilla.

If there is a second season, they could polish out these mistakes and truly give us something good. The human characters are actually interesting and the concept is compelling. If they brushed off some of those rough edges, it could be improved.

Check out the trailer below:

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Strong violence, Foul language, Terrifying images

This review is based on the dub.

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