‘JLA: Gods and Monsters’ Graphic Novel Review

JLA: Gods and Monsters‘ is a 2001 DC Comics graphic novel is written by Dan Jolley and Josh Krach with artwork by Scott Benefiel and Jason Rodriguez.

On an ordinary day, Green Lantern is patrolling Europe when he is attacked by a strange ship bearing the emblem of the Green Lantern Corp. After disabling the ship, he finds hostages on board, but before he can do anything, more ships invade each bearing the insignia of a different member of the Justice League. As Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash, Martian Manhunter, and the Atom join the fight, a cult that worships the JLA is planning on claiming the Earth for their own. Led by the mysterious Sister Glory, the cult thinks they are doing the JLA’s bidding as they chaos across the globe.

This is back in the heyday of the Justice League of America with Kyle Rainer as GL, Batman serious, and Wonder Woman looking like 2001. No worries about political correctness which was nice. The story itself is kind of mediocre with a B-list villain shown to be the perpetrator, I still found that I enjoyed it better than most of what the DC Universe is producing. As for the artwork, it again was somewhat mediocre and had incredibly exaggerated muscles on both the men and women.

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