Comic Book Icon Mike Baron Launches ‘Thin Blue Line’ Graphic Novel Crowdfunding Campaign

Nexus‘ creator and comic book writer Mike Baron is back with a new crowdfunding campaign for the graphic novel ‘Thin Blue Line.’ He is partnering with penciler and active-duty police officer Joseph Arnold along with illustrator Jeff Slemons to bring an action story following a lady cop.

“In the middle of a long hot summer, a cop shoots a suspect and the incident makes the national news. Cities across the country quickly erupt into violence and well-organized activist groups mix in with opportunists and provocateurs who begin to riot, loot, burn — and kill,” the campaign describes. “Thin Blue Line follows police officer Valeria Baca and her partner Bob Mack as their detail guarding the mayor turns into a fight for survival. Mobs burn down city hall, forcing the officers to improvise on the run, relying only on their training and wits as the mayor’s protestations and eagerness to placate the rioters prove fruitless.”

The graphic novel is fully colorized with fifty-six pages and will feature artwork Ichsan Ansori and lettering from Warren Montgomery. It promises to be action-packed and entertaining. Considering the work of Mike Baron, it would not surprise me. His work on Badger, DC Comics, and Marvel Comics is known by nerds and geeks. They are awesome and I look forward to seeing the final product when it is completed.

For more info, check out Mike Baron’s Twitter page:

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