Graphic Novel Review- Nexus The Origin

Nexus the origin

When it comes to thinking outside the box in the comic book superhero genre, none compare to Mike Baron. He and artist Steve Rude brought the story of Horatio Hellpop, a man forced to be a hero, to life with Baron’s great writing and Rude’s talented artwork. 

Nexus has had several publishing homes and Nexus The Origin is brought to life via Dark Horse Comics. 

It shows how Horatio’s father was a Communist enforcer of a planet in way deep space. After an uprising, Comrade Hellpop makes the decision to destroy the planet, killing everyone but his wife and son.

Horatio’s mother dies soon after and he is haunted by Alpha and Beta, two members of The Merk who tell him he is the next galactic hero Nexus and his first task is to kill his murderous father. If he does not, he will be tormented by nightmares. Though, hesitant, Horatio carries out the execution unaware that his father was going to commit suicide. Years later, Nexus uses his powers to overthrow other dictators and take out mass murderers, humans in particular. He takes no pleasure in what he does and often feels guilty for the people he has to execute. 

Mike Baron and Steve Rude have made a unique character in Nexus. He is powerful, but he, himself, does not necessarily like his power. The story is a akin to classical Greek tragedy and though it is a sad story, it is still one that is both interesting, unique, and, pardon the nerd, awesome!

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