‘Last Night in Soho’ Review- Truly Chilling Tale

Last Night in Soho‘ is a psychological horror film directed and co-written by Edgar Wright that had its premiere at the 2021 Venice International Film Festival.

Ellie Turner (Thomasin McKenzie) loves the style and culture of the sixties. She is recovering from a mental breakdown following her mother’s suicide and occasionally sees her mom (Aimeé Cassettari). She gets accepted into a fashion school in London and with her grandma’s (Rita Tushingham) blessing, heads there. After a bad encounter with her snobby roommate Jocasta (Synnøve Karlsen), she moves out of the dorm and into a room owned by the elderly Alexandra (Diana Rigg). She soon starts having dreams of a woman named Sandie (Anya Taylor-Joy), a singer, and her agent Jack (Matt Smith). This inspires her work and she starts to excel, even befriending fellow student John (Michael Ajao) and getting a job. She sees a mysterious man named Lindsay (Terence Stamp) who seems to be following her. Soon, her dreams get darker and she sees faceless ghosts trying to capture her while watching Sandie’s life soon take a horrific turn.

Edgar Wright certainly knows how to craft a film. We have seen him go from comedy to thrillers and now to horror. He keeps testing his limits and going forward even with a new genre, he pulled it off.

The cast is also well done. Diana Rigg is my favorite Bond girl and her stint on the British spy series The Avenger is the best. So it was real treat to see her play against type and she did such a good job. I would also like to praise Taylor-Joy and McKenzi, who both did excellent as the headliners. They did a good job of bringing on the emotions for the film’s story.

As for where it stands as a horror movie, I found it truly chilling. I never once thought that the plot lagged or fell short. From beginning to end, the story was enthralling and you truly felt for Ellie and Sandie as you watch their stories converge. There was one character death that I do not think helped move the story along and was just for shock value, but otherwise, I thought it was concise and excellent.

Bottom line, Last Night in Soho is an excellent horror film that has a compelling plot and some dynamite performances.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Strong violence, Foul language, Terrifying images, Minor sexual content

FAVORITE QUOTE: This is just a taste of things to come.

Check out the trailer below:

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