‘Morbius’ Review- It’s Morbin Time For Sony To Change Their Marvel Universe

Morbius is a dark superhero film directed by Daniel Espinosa. It was produced by Columbia Pictures as part of the Sony Spider-Man Universe.

Michael Moribus (Jared Leto) declines the Nobel Peace Prize much to the chagrin of his colleague Dr. Martine Bancroft (Adria Arjona) and mentor Dr. Emil Nicholas (Jared Harris). Morbius suffers from a rare blood disorder as does his wealthy best friend Milo Lucien (Matt Smith). After a successful experiment with bat DNA on a mouse, Morbius convinces Milo to let do an illegal experiment on a boat. The experiment goes wrong, turning Morbius into a vampire that kills all of the crew. Milo sees this power and takes this serum and targets anyone. Being chased by FBI investigators Alberto “Al” Rodriguez (Al Madrigal) and Simon Stroud (Tyrese Gibson), Morbius has to stop Milo before he kills more innocent life.

I know I am late to the game with this film, but I do not care. I gave it a try after hearing it is one of those “so bad it’s good” movies that you can enjoy with some liquor and snacks. Not so. This movie is just bad.

First of all, the aesthetics are atrocious. The movie relies heavily on grays, making it appear dull. Occasionally, they throw in some reds to exemplify the blood aspect, but these scenes were rare. They had no color palette to pull you in. This was also true of the music. It was pretty bland and generic, with nothing to make it stand out.

Secondly, the acting is atrocious. Matt Smith and Jared Harris definitely try, but they are overshadowed by the awfulness of their co-stars. I honestly do not know why Jared Leto gets cast in… anything. He is a terrible actor and this movie only shows it off. They should have swapped him and Smith for their roles. Adria Adronja was particularly terrible. She said that she took inspiration from some politicians. It is a shame she did that instead of trying to put some emotion into her character.

As for the plot itself, it is kind of dull. It feels like they went with the first draft of the script and did not polish it, relying on the bullet points instead of the story. This made it incredibly boring and yawn-inducing, with no redeeming qualities.

It is a shame. With the Venom films, Sony set its own Marvel Universe apart by showing they could go dark with a side of comedy. This movie does not even try. Not even a Michael Keaton cameo could save this plot. While I applaud Sony for avoiding the “universe is in danger” scenario that Disney loves and instead focusing on street-level heroics, this is not the way. The Sony Spider-Man Universe needs to course-correct and bring in Spider-Man soon.

Bottom line, Morbius is not even good for a laugh. It is a boring, dull, and disappointing addition to the alternative Marvel Universe.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Bloody violence, Strong foul language

FAVORITE QUOTE: I went from dying to feeling more alive than ever. Increased strength and speed, the ability to use echolocation, and an overpowering urge to consume blood.

Check out the trailer below:

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