‘Out Of Death’ Review- Should Have Been Titled Out Of Depth

Out of Death‘ is an action thriller directed by Mike Burns and written by Bill Lawrence. The movie was distributed by Vertical Entertainment before making its way onto Hulu.

Jack Harris (Bruce Willis) is a retired city cop who is using his niece Pam’s (Kelly Grayson) cabin to mourn the death of his wife from cancer. While hiking, he runs into Shannon (Jamie King). She witnessed deputy Billie Jean (Lala Kent) kill an “asset” in a cold blood and finds herself pursued by the law enforcement officer and her partner Tom (Tyler Jon Olson). He helps her escape, making them the target of corrupt Sheriff Hank Rivers (Michael Sirow). The two of them fight for survival as they hide from enemies who want to cover up a massive drug ring.

Bruce Willis should fire his agent. From Cosmic Sin to this movie, I do not know if he is trying to relieve some of his B-Movie success of the past or if he is just trying to pad his filmography. Whatever the case is, this is not the right path for him.

To begin with, the movie had some grating technical issues that I could not get past. Throughout most of the movie, they filmed it with the colored drained and it came off as incredibly incompetent. Not to mention, there is a scene early on in the film where a character is walking and the light overtakes the camera lens… twice. They seriously could not have fixed that in the editing bay?

Now for the acting. Willis, King, and Grayson were decent, but they did not have much to work with and it showed. The villains were forced to take on these horrible country accents which only convinced me, they have never met someone from the rural parts of the USA. It came off as incredibly contrived and I noticed that Kent would let it slip away every now and then only for her to over compensate with the correction.

This movie was essentially a disaster past the first ten minutes. The story was vague, there were numerous plot holes, and the villains were never really that chilling. At first, they come off as incredibly incompetent, even their boss, but the actors were trying and failing to play it up as something serious. I never once thought they posed a real threat to the protagonists.

Even my “favorite quote” illustrates just how terrible these antagonists are. When the corrupt sheriff thinks he knows where Jack is headed, he declares his intuition told him that is where he is headed. Jack immediately slips away from him and then the sheriff just meanders around the house. It came as lame, quite frankly.

Bottom line, Out Of Death had a decent start and a competent set-up, but it soon falls into B-movie range and then falls even further. It clearly shows the filmmakers were out of their depth when it come to this movie.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Strong foul language, Scenes of violence, Drug content

FAVORITE QUOTE: Unlike you, I have intuition.

Check out the trailer below:

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