Evan Roberts: “Fresh Vision”

Evan Roberts (June 8, 1878 – January 29, 1951) was a preacher, evangelist, and poet who oversaw a Christian in Wales. Many came to hear him preach and it was even said his tent meetings drew more crowds than sporting events. He would eventually retire, but continued writing, and his words still inspire us today. Here are my top 10 favorite quotes from Evan Robers:

“What we need is a fresh vision of the Cross. And may that mighty, all-embracing love of His be no longer a fitful, wavering influence in our lives, but the ruling passion of our souls.”

“I have found what I believe to be the highest kind of Christianity. I want to give my life, God helping me, to lead others, many others, to find it. Many have found it already, thank God, and they are doing what I am doing, in a large or little way, as God gives them light. And that is all there is to the revival, and all there is to me, my friend.”

“The vision is passing out into virtue, and men are paying their debts, and abandoning the public-house, and treating their horses well. Oh, my masters! Did you say the next Revival would be ethical? It is that, because it is spiritual, and you will never get an ethical revival except in this way.”

“I have tried to talk out of the tremendous sense that God is abroad, and I talk out of the desire that I cannot express—that somewhere, some when, somehow, He may put out his hand, and shake this city for the salvation of men.”

“Begin to try and teach along that line; instead of treating our congregations as congregations to be instructed ever in holy things, treat them as men and women that are to be persuaded to holy things, and consecration, and Jesus Christ.”

“Why should I teach when the Spirit is teaching? What need have these people to be told that they are sinners? What they need is salvation.”

“Now, what effect is this work producing upon men? First of all, it is turning Christians everywhere into evangelists.”

“There is in this revival a deep current of reality; when anything unreal creeps in, the power stops.”

“But for the most part revivalism means a spiritual awakening, the conversion of individuals who, from living in indifference or in vice, turn from their evil ways and lead new lives in which, however imperfectly, they endeavor consciously to follow Christ.”

“There are two essential functions to the Christian priesthood: The first is eucharistic, the giving of thanks; the other is intercessory, praying. That is all. That is going on. The Church everywhere singing and praying and offering praise, and pleading with God. Every meeting is made up almost exclusively of these things.”

Quotes taken from “The Story of the Welsh Revival by Eyewitnesses.”

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