Movie Review Flashback- Child’s Play 2

Universal Pictures brings us the 1990 horror sequel ‘Child’s Play 2‘ directed by John Lafia who also co-wrote the first film with scriptwriter Don Mancini. It brings the creepy doll Chucky back for more vengeance.

Andy Barclay (Alex Vincent) is placed in foster care with Phil (Gerrit Graham) and Joanne Simpson (Jenny Agutter) after his mom is institutionalized after claiming a “Good Boy” doll named Chucky was responsible for a murder spree. They are also taking care of a teenage girl named Kyle (Christine Elise) who has a troubled past. Andy panics when he discovers a “Good Boy” Doll in his closet, one named Tommy. Chucky (Brad Dourif), however, is alive after being repaired by the toy company and goes on another killing spree, wanting to get to Andy so he can swap bodies with him. When Andy realizes Chucky is back, he knows that terror is on the way.

My main issue with this movie is it has a lot of loose threads. For instance, the company execs who rebuild Chucky each meet a violent death as he exacts brutal violence on them. This is never explored further and other than a climactic battle in the toy factory, the connection is never made again. Also, with Andy’s mom institutionalized, this is only referenced once and the poor kid does not seem bothered by it. Supposedly, Catherine Hicks was supposed to reprise her role as Andy’s mom, but her role was written out. That is a shame.

There was also a sudden change in Kyle. At first, she is apathetic to Andy and his trauma, but suddenly, she has a change and sees him as a kindred spirit. I think this could have worked, but there was no moment of connection to make it work.

The acting is decent. I thought the cast did a good job of bringing their characters around, especially placing Andy in a new environment. Brad Dourif does a good job of voicing Chucky and this time he got more dialogue, allowing him to drive the character into something creepier.

The first one had a certain horror to it that tapped into the fear that parents have about the toys their children are playing with. This one felt more like a revenge thriller that overcompensated with fake gore and screaming as opposed to a cogent plot. It is still enjoyable, but I thought it does hit those chills like its predecessor.

Bottom line, Child’s Play 2 has its moments, but it is not as good as its predecessor. Perhaps if some of the fat was trimmed off it could have worked.

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Strong foul language, Disturbing images, Blood and gore

FAVORITE QUOTE: We’re gonna have a little game of Chucky Says.

Check out the trailer below:

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