‘Snow White with the Red Hair’ Season 1 Review

Based on the Grimm Fairy Tales characters Snow White and Rose Red, Studio Bones and director Masahiro Andō brings ‘Snow White with the Red Hair,’ an adaption of the LaLa manga serial ‘Akagami no Shirayukihime.’ The English dub is rendered by Funimation.

Shirayuki (Brina Palencia) is a herbalist with beautiful red hair living in the country of Tanbarun. Upon hearing of her, Prince Raji Shenazard (Todd Haberkorn) demands that she come live in his castle as his concubine. She decides to run away, leaving behind her cut hair. Hitchhiking along the road, she finds herself in the country of Clarines where she meets Zen Wisteria (Josh Grelle) and his two companions Kiki Seiran (Jamie Marchi) and Mitsuhide Lowen (Ian Sinclair). She mends a wound that Zen procured during their meeting and receives a basket of red apples. Zen tries one but soon falls ill, revealing they are poisoned. Raji arrives and tells her that unless she comes with him, he will allow Zen to die, but Zen appears, revealing himself to be the Second Prince of Clarines, immune to the poison. Raji gives him the antidote and flees, after which Zen offers to take Shirayuki back to the Clarines palace where she can train to be a royal herbalist, leading to many adventures and opposition to her friendship with the prince.

The English voice acting is excellent. Palencia and Grelle are perfectly cast as Shirayuki and Zen respectively. The other voice actors are well chosen, complimenting the story. Austin Tindle as the Prince’s attendant Obi, Eric Vale as Zen’s older brother Izana, and Rachel Robinson as the Chief Herbalist Garak Gazelt are all excellent additions to the cast.

Likewise, I enjoyed the character designs. Every person is given a unique look that captures their personality and outlook on life. The dresses, armor, architecture, and even creatures are put together with imagination and style that reflect the Medieval inspiration of the story. I give credit to the artists for their creativity in the show.

The show adapts several aspects of the classic Grimm fairy tale and develops them in a unique way. They combine the characters of Snow and Rose Red for the character of Shirayuki and replace the evil stepmother with a lustful prince. Zen is the prince charming and his story-arc is spot-on as his feelings for Shirayuki deepen. He is brave, noble, a bit rash, but always is kind. This made the plot move along smoothly and was not only entertaining, but also interesting. The way the characters develop and the overall plot are a good time and a good show to watch for comfort viewing.

Check out the trailer below:

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