‘Space Force’ Season 1 Review

Space Force‘ is a ten-episode Netflix sitcom created by Greg Daniels and Steve Carrell. The comedy series satirizes the Space Force military department which aims to help NASA go to the Moon, but with different purposes.

General Mark R. Naird (Steve Carell) is made Space Force’s first Chief of Space Operations at their headquarters in Colorado. His wife Maggie Naird (Lisa Kudrow) is in prison for an unknown crime, his daughter Erin (Diana Silvers) turned eighteen and is dealing with the move to the rural area compared to their former home in Washington, DC. General Naird works with chief scientist Dr. Adrian Mallory (John Malkovich), who is hesitant about the branch’s militarized nature. With the help of spokesman Tony Scarapiducci (Ben Schwartz) and pilot Captain Angela Ali (Tawny Newsome), Naird works to keep the base under control and special interests from taking over Space Force.

I would like to spotlight Steve Carrell, whose comedic timing is excellent, as usual. He delivers some hilarious one-liners and laugh-out-loud moments that are genuinely funny. His character has a habit of singing when he is stressed and that makes for some chuckles as he lip-syncs to a song that is not actually playing.

A review of Space Force would not be complete without a shout out Fred Willard, whose passing saddened all of us. He had a very minor role as General Naird’s dad, who seems to be losing his mental facilities. He was perfect for the part and shined without a doubt.

Outside of that, in between sexual jokes, constant innuendos, watching underage teens getting drunk or high, and the never-ending f-bombs, there is not much that is funny. Virtually all of the jokes at the government expense, read like they are from a politically correct social media snob’s handbook. Sure, they poke fun at both parties, but the message is clear, we’re going woke. This puts a hamper on the comedy, making it seem dull and overused. There was not a single joke that I had not heard from the next woke comedian. It is like they are reading each other’s emails. It is like they are afraid to take risks and settle for bellow the belt punching, swearing, shock value, and lots of jokes at capitalism, even as they film this on an HD camera the studio bought… with money earned from capitalism.

Now, the episode “Space Flag” which saw General Naird’s team engage in wargames with the Air Force, who wants to absorb the space department. It is a frequent plot point in the overarching story.

At this point, Space Force is a mediocre sitcom that does utilize Steve Carrell’s talent but fails to deliver on the premise, choosing to rely on cheap comedy to try and pacify the viewer. Often, the first seasons are the roughest, so hopefully, they will correct course and try to get real laughs instead of claps from social media snobs.

Check out the trailer:

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