‘Radiant’ Anime Season 2 Review

Radiant‘ is an anime based on the French comic book of the same name by Tony Valente. It is produced by the Japanese animation studio Lerche and dubbed by Funimation. The second season made its premier in 2019 and ran for twenty-one episodes.

Seth (Christopher Llewyn Ramirez) continues his search for Radiant the home of the monstrous nemesis creatures that plague the land. He makes his way to the land of Cyfandir where magic users are the norm and live in peace. He finds the Doc (Shawn Gann) and Mélie (Caitlin Glass) there as well, though they are both angry at him for leaving them behind after the incident in Rumble Town. He befriends the knight squire Ocoho (Alle Mims) whose unit is in a battle with giant “spectral” nemeses. Seth befriends the forest wizard Myr (Ben Phillips) as he searches for answers to his creation. However, Grimm (Eric Vale) warns him that the Inquisition is coming.

Similar to season one, the animation is pretty standard stuff. There is nothing mind-blowing, but it is well done and shows a lot of heart from the studio. Likewise, the voice-acting by the cast is excellent, all of them do a great job with their respective roles. I want to shout out Barry Yandell, who serves as the narrator. He was well-cast.

I like the new character of Ocoho. She brought some new blood into the television show and I really liked her arc and her interactions with Seth and Mélie. However, the other new characters made the show feel bloated. I mean, even characters who had small cameos were given a side story in the war between Cyfandir and the Inquisition. It got tough to keep up with all of them after awhile and I just tuned them out after awhile.

It is a shame because learning more about Seth’s origin and watching him grow in power was the best part of the show, so bogging it down made no sense. As of yet, it has not been renewed for a third season, but if it does, I hope it focused more on that aspect.

Check out this clip below:

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Fantasy violence, Minor language, Suggestive humor and themes

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