‘Cells at Work!’ Season 1 Review

Based on the Kodansha manga written and illustrated by Akane Shimizu, ‘Cell at Work’ is Japanese anime that anthropomorphizes cells in the human body. The comedic series is created by David Production and dubbed into English by Aniplex, the show presents the world of the human body as a city where cells work to keep things.

A rookie red blood cell named AE3803 (Cherami Leigh) is attacked by a germ and almost destroyed, that is until white blood cell U-1146 (Billy Kametz) rescues her. The two become friends and run into each other regularly. AE3803 is a bit directionally challenge, losing her way constantly, putting her in danger often. However, with the help U-1146, along with his ally Killer T Cell (Robbie Daymond), warrior maiden Macrophage (Laura Post), the senior red blood cell Senpai AA5100 (Kira Buckland), and the childlike construction worker Platelet (Xanthe Huynh), she soon learns how to be courageous in the face of infectious danger.

This show is definitely aimed at children, to be educational and teach about how human biology works. With the exception of the gory end the germs meet at the hands of the white blood cells, the show is bright, colorful, and has lots of learning. The description of the body as a city with the cells being workers brings lots of humor and imagination to the story.

I also want to praise the voice acting. Aniplex did a good job dubbing this series, matching everyone with the characters with perfection. The macho T-Cell, the charming and fierce Macrophage, and even cocky apprentice red blood NT4201 voiced by Jeannie Tirado works out well.

Other outlets have described this show as “adorable” and I think that is apt. AE3803 is an interesting protagonist as she goes about her day and encountering other cells inside the body. Likewise, U-1146 is also a cool character. At first, he is a normal person who courteous, but as soon as vicious germs attack, he goes berserk and defends his fellow cells with no thought to his personal safety. The two of them make the show very entertaining. The additional side characters and the funny plots make for an enjoyable time.

Check out the trailer below:

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