‘StarBlades’ Volume 1 Graphic Novel Review

Kyle Ritter is an excellent artist and an eight-year veteran of the comic book industry. It came as no surprise that he would launch his own graphic novel. ‘StarBlades‘ is a superhero powerhouse and a science fiction adventure.

Deep into the future, an asteroid collides with the Earth decimating all life on the planet. From this cataclysmic event, came the discovery of Star Metal, giving humanity powers similar to magic. Lord Guardax sees a vision of a threat from the stars and summons the StarBlades, a group of heroes to save humanity again. The star wolf Warrok, sharhblade Hevic, bronze bear Tyrus, dragon knight Dryden, the ghost tiger Anora, and the Eagle Tribe princess Talon unite to fight the Corruption before it strips Earth of its resources and makes it a barren wasteland.

Ritter’s work has always impressed me. He is extraordinarily talented and StarBlades is no exception. While I found the lore slightly confusing, the story is epic. I enjoyed every page, with a plot that hooked me from the very beginning. The same goes for the artwork. All Caps Comics was right to pick it up and I am not surprised. Ritter‘s work is impressive and I cannot wait for the sequel.

My super cute wife, who is more of a gamer than a comic book geek, even got into to it. She said, “Wow, this is a hundred times better than anything you’ve brought home from the mainstream stuff in years.” I concur with her analysis.

In full disclosure, I backed the crowdfunding campaign for this comic book and I plan on backing the next one.

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