Comic Book Review- Cyberfrog: Bloodhoney

Ethan Van Sciver has been a part of comic book lore since the 1990s. He has drawn for DC Comics’ Green Lantern, DC Rebirth, Flash as well as Marvel Comics’ Wolverine, Deadpool, New X-Men, and so many others. EVS parted ways with the mainstream comic book industry over the politicization of the stories. That led to him launching Cyberfrog: Bloodhoney in summer 2018, a crowdfunding comic book featuring Cyberfrog, a character he designed in the 90s. I supported the black and white limited variant campaign and received my copy in the mail.

Cyberfrog is created by aliens along with his twin brother Salamandroid to protect the Earth, however, humanity rejected them for their bizarre appearance. This makes Cyberfrog bitter until he meets Heather Swain, his only human friend. However, when an alien race of wasps arrive to harvest humans to make their hives, Cyberfrog is damaged and goes into stasis. When he awakens, he has to find Heather and his brother to save humanity.

Almost two years in the making, EVS sure took his time getting it out, but it was worth the wait. The artwork from him and coloring by Kyle Ritter is top-notch. As for the story, the transitioning of Cyberfrog from the nineties was smooth and it made for one epic story. I also enjoyed the gallery in the back with the many variants that were created for this artwork. When the comic book gatekeepers said, “Stop complaining about our intersectional left-wing drivel. Make your own comic.” EVS took up the challenge and presented one of the most excellent indie comic books to come out of the Comicsgate movement.

As a bonus, here is a photo of the one I purchased.

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  1. […] Ritter’s work has always impressed me. He is extraordinarily talented and StarBlades is no exception. While I found the lore slightly confusing, the story is epic. I enjoyed every page, with a plot that hooked me from the very beginning. The same goes for the artwork. All Caps Comics was right to pick it up and I am not surprised. Ritter‘s work is impressive and I cannot wait for the sequel. […]

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