‘CyberFrog: Unfrogettable Tales 1 and 2’ Comic Review

Comic book writer and artist Ethan Van Sciver teams-up with colorist Kyle Ritter and letterer Eric Weathers to give his old creation ‘CyberFrog: Unfrogettable Tales‘ to new life. The funds were raised through a very successful crowdfunding campaign that raised money for not one, but two issues that I proudly backed.

This is a remastering of the first two issues of CyberFrog from his days with Halls of Heroes Comics, a small indie publisher from the nineties. In this series, CyberFrog is taking out a gang of killers called Traffik but runs afoul of DeathFly, a man who can transform into a mutant fly using magic. The two, at first, unaware of each other, go about their day with CyberFrog attacking and killing bad guys with DeathFly murdering innocents. Soon, DeathFly is sent by a demon to kill CyberFrog leading to a fierce showdown.

You can tell a difference in tone Van Sciver‘s newer stuff compared to this nineties story. As the creator himself acknowledges, it is more nihilistic and CyberFrog breaks the fourth wall as he discusses his violent take on crime. The story is punk and it works well for the character and this universe in which he participates.

The coloring Kyle Ritter and new lettering from Eric Weathers do an excellent job of fleshing out the story. Their talent is on full display and I applaud their endeavor. I cannot wait to see what is next.

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4 thoughts on “‘CyberFrog: Unfrogettable Tales 1 and 2’ Comic Review

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