“Wall-Might: Gold Standard” Graphic Novel Review

Timothy Lim and Mark Pellegrini released a collection of their satirical comic in the graphic novel ‘Wall-Might: Gold Standard.’ The story provides hilarious parody of manga, Star Wars, Marvel Comics, and other pop culture staples.

The collection includes “My Hero MAGAdemia,” “First Term: Part 2,” “The Magalorian,” and a bonus side-story for Flotus titled “Gop-lin Slayer.” We see our hero Wall-Might train Maiku-Kun with the power of E. Pluribus Unum to battle enemies from the Swamp and the Deep State in order to maintain peace in the United States with the red pill. Along the way, they make new enemies, gather allies, and with their combined power, stop the bad guys who want to turn America into a Blue Pill wasteland.

I genuinely laughed out loud as I was reading this book. Using the popular anime series My Hero Academia as a bounce-off point, they bring in real life characters such as former President Donald Trump, give him a superhero makeover, and then have him square off in a battle of culture and politics.

Timothy Lim and Mark Pellegrini are truly a dynamic duo of comics. They brought together this hilarious parody and stuck the landing. They made it incredibly self-aware, so it did not seem shoe-horned or pandering. The pot shots at the entertainment industry, particularly comic book pros, was where they got the most laughs out of me. While I still think Kamen America is their best work, this one does prove that comedy is not dead.

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