‘BRZRKR’ 1 Comic Book Review

Actor Keanu Reeves and comic publisher Boom Studios successfully used a crowdfunding campaign to raise the money for BRZRKR, a twelve-part series meant for mature audiences. Reeves co-wrote it with Matt Kindt.

The protagonist, known only as the Berzerker, is an immortal warrior who is working for the United States government to help clean-up missions. He brutally disarms and kills enemies with no sense of grace or mercy. Scientists are trying to unlock his immortality so they can create super-soldiers. He does not mind, for he hopes that one day they can give him mortality so he can have the option to die.

Like I said, this comic book is for mature audience, so observe the rating. It is gory with a tone of violence and brutal death. Do not think it is for kids.

As for the artwork, Ron Garney illustrates all of the action with ease. He does a good job with the character designs and shows the carnage with perfection. I also liked the cover by Rafael Grampà (seen above). It is fantastic and it is the one that I chose to purchase because it is epic.

The story, it is brutal. Not a lot was shown, but it definitely is a good set-up. Matt Kindt and Keanu Reeves do a good job with bringing into all of the action. It pulls you in and you definitely want to see what happens to the Berzerker. I cannot wait to see what happens next.

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6 thoughts on “‘BRZRKR’ 1 Comic Book Review

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