‘BRZRKR’ 1 Comic Book Review

Actor Keanu Reeves and comic publisher Boom Studios successfully used a crowdfunding campaign to raise the money for BRZRKR, a twelve-part series meant for mature audiences. Reeves co-wrote it with Matt Kindt.

The protagonist, known only as the Berzerker, is an immortal warrior who is working for the United States government to help clean-up missions. He brutally disarms and kills enemies with no sense of grace or mercy. Scientists are trying to unlock his immortality so they can create super-soldiers. He does not mind, for he hopes that one day they can give him mortality so he can have the option to die.

Like I said, this comic book is for mature audience, so observe the rating. It is gory with a tone of violence and brutal death. Do not think it is for kids.

As for the artwork, Ron Garney illustrates all of the action with ease. He does a good job with the character designs and shows the carnage with perfection. I also liked the cover by Rafael Grampà (seen above). It is fantastic and it is the one that I chose to purchase because it is epic.

The story, it is brutal. Not a lot was shown, but it definitely is a good set-up. Matt Kindt and Keanu Reeves do a good job with bringing into all of the action. It pulls you in and you definitely want to see what happens to the Berzerker. I cannot wait to see what happens next.

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  1. […] Caldwell, the shadowy government agent who is trying to unlock the secrets of the Berserker, speaks with the immortal warrior about his past. Berserker has vague memories, but not enough to make an informed clue about his origins or where he came from. Caldwell reveals a shocking secret to him about his power and where it might have originated. […]

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