‘The Idhun Chronicles’ Part 2 Series Review

The Idhun Chronicles‘ is a Spanish fantasy animated series that is based on ‘The Idhún’s Memories‘ novels by Laura Gallego. She had a hand in co-developing the series with Andrés Carrión. Maite Ruiz de Austri directed the show. Netflix previously released the first five episodes and after a delay, the final five episodes were released after being aired on Zeppelin TV in Spain. This review is based on the English dub.

After a few years of searching, Jack (Griffin Burns) manages to find warrior Prince Alsan (Billy Kametz), who is now living as a hermit named Alexander. Together, they reunite with Victoria (Erika Harlacher), who is being watched by Kirtash (Johnny Yong Bosch), who is posing as a pop star. The Resistance comes back together, determined to stop the evil Lord Ashran (Kirk Thornton) from ruling Idhun, but the dark wizard is determined to find the dragon and the unicorn to solidify his rule, unleashing the assassin Allegra (Cindy Robinson).

I am not familiar with the books, so I am just reviewing this as a series. It keeps getting pushed that this is an “anime.” The first five episodes I was willing to give it the benefit of the doubt, but I have to be honest, this show is not an anime. It lacks any of the style, sleekness, character development, or even just filler to classify in that way.

As with the first part, I did have a bit of trouble understanding its lore. It would be thrown at you in large individual segments only to carry on and then you get another dose. I do feel like the romantic triangle between Victoria, Kirtash, and Jack was very forced. Kirtash is a murderer, but the last five episodes wants us to forget his crimes. Oh, but he sings good, actually he doesn’t, but we are supposed to think that. The resolution was lacking and the cliffhanger left me without a feeling of wanting more.

It is said that the series will not be renewed and I am actually not surprised. I doubt it will be missed.

Check out the teaser below:

PARENTAL CONCERNS: Violence, Minor language,

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