‘The Idhun Chronicles’ Part 1 Series Review

The Idhun Chronicles‘ is a Spanish fantasy animated series that is based on ‘The Idhún’s Memories‘ novels by Laura Gallego, who co-developed it with Andrés Carrión. Maite Ruiz de Austri directed the show and Netflix released the first five episodes internationally after Zeppelin TV released it in Spain. This review is based on the English dub.

Jack (Griffin Burns) dashes home from school to find his parents murdered by the wizard Kirtash (Johnny Yong Bosch) who is part of an army from the magical world of Idhun, where the evil Ashran (Kirk Thornton) rules. Though hesitant at first, Jack joins the Resistance with the wizard Shail (Griffin Puatu), warrior Prince Alsan (Billy Kametz), and the healer wizard Victoria (Erika Harlacher). Shail and Prince Alsan want to stop Kirtash from collecting some powerful items so they can help Ashran cross over into other worlds with an army of flying snakes. Jack grows impatient with Shail and Alsan’s slow tactics, desiring to learn more, but when a mysterious wizarding staff appears, they must act fast.

The animation is done in an anime-style, which definitely has had a resurgence of popularity as of late. I will not say that it is wholly anime, though I am sure others might disagree, that is a minor issue. The artwork is well-done and brings the best out of every character. They were well illustrated right along with the settings. The worlds were well-drawn as were the flashback scenes.

I would like to praise the music. The sound quality and the composition was one of the highlights of the series, bringing out the best of the action and the somber moments as well. Kaelo Del Río was the primary composer and his talent illuminated the story.

I am unfamiliar with the novels, so I cannot compare them. As for the show, I did have a bit of trouble understanding its lore. It would be thrown at you in large individual segments only to carry on and then you get another dose. However, I did enjoy the story of the characters, particularly Jake and Victoria’s journey into joining the resistance against Ashran. It was well-developed and kept me interested.

The first season one was originally ten episodes but was cut to five due to unforeseen events. I hope we get the next five episodes soon.

Check out the trailer below:

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