‘Transformers: War for Cybertron Arc 2: Earthrise’ Review

Rooster Teeth Studios, Polygon Pictures, and Allspark Animation continues ‘Transformers: War for Cybertron’ with their second arc “Earthrise,” taking a deep dive into the Transformers’ past.

Following arc 1, Autobot commanders Elita-One (Linsay Rousseau) and Jetfire (Keith Silverstein) are leading a resistance against Decepticon leader Megatron (Jason Marnocha), whom they discover is allowing scientist Shockwave (Todd Haberkorn) to harvest Transformers and stealing their energy to power a secret weapon. Meanwhile, Optimus Prime (Jake Foushee), Bumblebee (Joe Zieja), and the rest of the Ark crew are discovered by the mercenary Doubledealer (Michael Schwalbe), who betrays them to an ancient enemy. Their only hope is to escape and rescue the core of Cybertron, known as the Allspark, from a distant planet known as Earth.

As I stated previously, Netflix kept referring to this six-episode series as an “anime,” but the illustrations do not seem to be in that style, especially with the Transformers resembling their Generation One appearances. That being said, the character and planetary designs are incredibly well done, as are the action sequences. The battles in space could have been smoothed out a bit, but they were adequate for what they represented.

I honestly do not know why it was called “Earthrise.” Earth is not mentioned until half through and does not fully appear until the climax. Most of the action is in space. A better title would have been “Allspark.” Granted, it is named after a toyline from Hasbro, but in the context of the series, it does not make much sense.

There is a major flaw in this season and that is when  Optimus and Megatron have their battle on the Ark. Optimus was granted a peak into the future by the Matrix and he knows the only way to end the Great War is by slaying Megatron, but when confronting his mortal enemy, he apologizes. I found this very different from the Prime I recognized. It is true he would allow certain enemies to be granted mercy, but in the original animated film, Prime showed no regret for his attempt to kill the Decepticon leader. The filmmakers wanted to show Prime younger, but I think it makes him look weak. Perhaps it will change later on.

One last note, I do not know they will tie this together. Arc 3 is allegedly going to be the Beast Wars, but the first two parts relied so heavily on Generation One, I am not sure how that will adequately close out the plot they are building. It would make sense to do this as a quadrilogy and put together a more suitable ending. Perhaps they will, but time will tell.

Check out the trailer below:

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