Kristene DiMarco: “That’s Why Jesus Came” Music Review

Kristene DiMarco brings us a new song “That Why Jesus Came” from her album ‘The Fields.’ The song also features Christian music Jason Upton who provides his talent to the song. It is produced by Bethel Music and appears as number six on the album.

The song is very lovely. It has a great message about Jesus’ heart for His flock to be righteous, walk the straight and narrow, and trust in Him. It is a darling message from a darling singer who does not back down. DiMarco does not hold back on her faith in God and is bold in discussing it through this song. Upton is, of course, a talent on the instruments.

She has a beautiful voice and kudos to her for using it to spread the Gospel in such a fantastic way. She has a lot of talent and I think she brings on all of her talents to show the love of God. The song is an excellent exhortation and worship song.

Check out the song below:

“Whenever I’ve done a project before it would come out, I’d listen to it and I’d think, “I’m not sure I believe myself,” said Kristene according to a Christian Beat article. “Well. I believe myself this time, and I hear my heart in every word. Although it’s not all about me, I know you’ll feel Jesus and his friendship through the rawness and honesty. I’m excited for you to hear it.”

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