Carman’s “Sunday’s On The Way” Music Review

Contemporary Christian artist Carman, may he rest in peace, dropped his second album in 1983. It was named after the third track titled “Sunday’s On The Way.” It was released via Priority Records and featured eight other tracks. It would be the first of several hits for Carman.

With Easter coming around the corner, I thought I would mention this song. It is an eccentric, fun, and exciting retelling of the death and resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ from the perspective of the devil as well as the grave. The devil calls the grave on the phone being reassured that Christ is still in the grave. However, when Sunday comes around, they both get a surprise.

This song lit up my childhood and I loved how it celebrates the triumph of Jesus over death, hell, and the grave. It certainly easy to see why this song was a hit with its memorable lines and catchy beats.

You can watch this recording of a live performance:

When asked during an interview which song represented him as a singer, Carman replied, “Well, I think the one that would probably be the most reflective of who I am as a man, as my own personality, would probably either be ‘Sunday’s on the Way’ or ‘The Champion,’ something like that. Because it incorporates storytelling, worship, and scriptural Truth done in music pictorial imagery, something that’s really different, hopefully creative.”

He continued, “If it’s to represent me as a Christian, which probably would be more what I want to represent as, I think that’s more important, would be “Serve the Lord.” That pretty much spells out my faith. And the commitment that I have for the Lord. So if I had to put one song in a vault that would represent my life and industry, it would be ‘Serve the Lord.'”

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  1. Thanks for the thorough review! If you can, I hope you’ll consider reviewing a music from a Ukrainian Christian artist to help support their music scene as the war rages on. I’m posting tips on my page about how to do it if you’re interested. I’ve included several genres in my post but I’m not sure if any of them make Christian music (since I can’t understand the lyrics). It’s a fun challenge and I hope you’ll join in.

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